Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa, announced that East Texas Medical Center (ETMC) Regional Healthcare System, Tyler, Tex, has selected Siemens MobileMD Health Information Exchange (HIE) to coordinate care among its 15 facilities. East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System will use Siemens MobileMD HIE to share data with a network of more than 1,000 physicians.

ETMC Regional Healthcare System needed a solution that could address two main areas of its long-term strategic plan: care coordination and patient engagement, said Patrick Maloney, IT Director, ETMC. Siemens MobileMD allows the group to securely share clinical data and results, administrative data, and workflows among providers. This helps create better care transitions and gives ETMC new ways to interact with the community physicians regardless of their EMR environment. The solution also provides the capability to securely interact with patients, which helps to keep them involved in the care process.

The newest release of the MobileMD HIE has features to improve the creation and sharing of longitudinal records of care and an enhanced patient portal. The patient portal will offer integration with Soarian Scheduling so patients can see appointment availabilities at hospitals. The enhanced portal features a post-encounter patient education component that provides more information about managing healthcare conditions and wellness issues. The Siemens MobileMD HIE will also include support for longitudinal views of patient information through aggregated, cross-continuum continuity of care documents (CCDs) as well as Direct Project messaging protocols and the creation of a healthcare provider directory. To further expand its reach across geographic and organizational boundaries, the MobileMD HIE supports connectivity with non-Siemens HIE offerings.

Helping customers deploy solutions that address accountable care objectives, such as improved care coordination, is a mandate of Agenda 2013, a 2-year global initiative of Siemens Healthcare to increase its competitiveness and innovative capacity.