The Assetrac system from VeriChip Corp, Delray Beach, Fla, is a radio frequency identification (RFID) product for tracking and protecting assets within a health care environment. Each asset of interest carries a tiny Assetrac tag that emits a regular signal, which is picked up by a network of receivers installed throughout the covered area. By comparing the relative strength of these signals at different receivers, the system can determine the location of the asset at any time. Staff use a simple browser interface to find assets, and can search either by type of asset or by location to find the assets closest to them. The tag includes an antitamper mechanism to prevent unauthorized removal, and can generate an alarm if brought near a monitored exit without authorization.

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Radianse, Andover, Mass, provides real-time location and productivity solutions that allow health care institutions to increase productivity, decrease costs, and improve patient safety. Radianse indoor positioning systems (IPS) employ active RFID technology to track assets, patients, and staff with bed-level accuracy in real time. The Radianse Patient Flow Manager further integrates physical location and identity data from IPS with information from other hospital systems, such as admission, discharge, and transfer; orders; lab; and scheduling. Radianse uses clinical context intelligence to automatically initiate actions to help patients move smoothly and safely throughout the hospital. With the IPS performing manual tracking tasks and providing information to anticipate next steps, clinical staff spend less time on organizational logistics and more time on patient care.

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InnerWireless, Richardson, Tex, provides the fully integrated real-time location system PanGo. PanGo includes an extensible architecture—the PanOS platform—that supports a wide range of location technologies that meet specific customer use cases and accurately locate assets and people to zone, room, and submeter accuracy. The system also integrates with value-added end-user applications, including the company’s own asset-tracking system, PanGo Locator, and many third-party systems for asset management, workflow automation, and enterprise safety. This Web-based application provides advanced monitoring, searching, reporting, and alerting/notification features for end users, and provides seamless views of thousands of assets regardless of how they are tracked.

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Fluke Biomedical’s, Everett, Wash, Asset Tracking System (ATS) operates through a hospital’s standard 802.11 Wi-Fi network to provide location information in real time. By using an infrastructure already in place, no additional hardware, wiring, or readers are required, eliminating the high costs associated with most RFID or proprietary systems. ATS has three main components: the positioning engine, which is installed on the server and can accurately locate any Wi-Fi-enabled PDA, laptop, or radio tag in real time; the BEACON100, a compact, active radio tag that conveniently attaches to assets; and the compass software, which is a Web-based application accessible via any PC or PDA with Web access and is used to locate the equipment. The system is available in several scalable options, including two pilot-kit options, allowing customers to invest incrementally.

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