Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has expanded its use of the LiveData PeriOp Manager tool, deploying LiveData OR-Schedule Board throughout its operating rooms to improve patient safety. The OR-Schedule Board module is a key component of the Manager interface, and provides a large-screen view of the day’s surgical caseload alongside real-time status of all rooms in the OR suite with case milestone indications and alerts. The system dynamically updates changes in real time and predicts case flow for the day, so perioperative teams can optimize OR utilization.

“Hospitals are under constant pressure to cut costs safely, while maintaining their commitment to patient safety and quality healthcare,” said LiveData CEO Jeff Robbins. “One of the most effective ways to improve the bottom line is by optimizing the scheduling of resources, both equipment and personnel. OR-Schedule Board brings a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to clinical staff and management.”

The PeriOp Manager is designed to coordinate patient flow, patient care, and related resources from assessment to discharge throughout the perioperative suite. The tool streamlines OR throughput and promotes full compliance with CMS, The Joint Commission, and other critical patient safety mandates, according to LiveData. OR-Schedule Board manages surgical caseload by automatically adjusting case start and end times based on real-time workflow monitoring, and provides interactive tools to automate OR assignment and clinical staffing on the fly. The web-based system can be accessed through any authorized workstation throughout the OR suite, including in staff lounges and locker rooms. In addition to OR-Schedule Board, modules available for PeriOp Manager include PreOp Board, OR-Dashboard, Patient Flow, Family Waiting Board, and Analytics.

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