iSirona, Panama City, Fla, a provider of solutions for medical device connectivity, announced it passed all interoperability requirements tested at the annual Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) North America Connectathon.

“iSirona played a major role in two use cases at the Connectathon, notably one use case that involved sending data to an EMR located in Portugal,” said iSirona CEO, Dave Dyell.

IHE is a global health care integration initiative to promote data exchange among physician practices, hospitals, and public health institutions. As the health care IT industry’s largest interoperability testing event, the IHE Connectathon provides health care IT companies with a structured environment to test their solutions’ ability to communicate with different IHE profiles. At the 2013 Connectathon, approximately 100 participating organizations tested roughly 200 such profiles.

iSirona successfully validated its software-based medical device integration solution, which can be utilized with devices from any manufacturer, as part of the Device Enterprise Communication (DEC) Integration Profile. The IHE DEC Technical Framework defines specific implementations of established standards to achieve integration goals that promote appropriate sharing of medical information to support optimal patient care. Validating conformance with this standard ensures iSirona’s DeviceConX software supports the communication of vendor-independent, multi-modality patient care device data to enterprise applications using consistent semantics.