Summary: Glassbeam received a patent for its AI technology predicting medical device failures using log data, aiming to reduce downtime and enhance service efficiency across multiple equipment manufacturers.

Key Takeaways

  • Glassbeam’s patented technology processes diverse log files to predict and prevent medical device failures, ensuring high availability and reducing unplanned downtime.
  • The company emphasizes moving from reactive break-fix approaches to proactive AI and predictive analytics, improving diagnosis and equipment performance.

Glassbeam announced it has received a new patent for its methodology to predict medical device failure based on operational log data.

Supporting Multiple Manufacturers and Modalities

This patented technology can support complex medical equipment from multiple manufacturers and modalities, reducing unplanned downtime and improving the efficiency of engineering teams servicing these devices.

“With this technology, OEMs and service providers can better ensure their products and service support meets the needs of the healthcare industry for clinical equipment with high availability,” said Mohammad Guller, vice president of machine learning.

Moving to AI and Predictive Analytics

The patent covers Glassbeam’s process of ingesting non-homogeneous log files (historical and real-time) from multiple systems to predict failure events and prescribe preventative actions to reduce downtime.

“This patent is a significant step forward on our journey as we work with our customers to move asset performance from an inefficient break-fix world to one that is driven by AI and predictive analytics,” said Rich Jones, Glassbeam CEO. “Our Service Analytics suite of applications utilizes this capability to deliver improved diagnosis and issue resolution. As a key vendor to those providing care, we are committed to supporting improved equipment uptime performance and utilization.”