Ekahau’s first quarter 2012 real-time location system (RTLS) business doubled compared to the previous year. During the first quarter of 2012, the company added 27 major enterprise-wide RTLS customers, while over the last 12-month period, the company provided solutions to over 800 small and large enterprise customers worldwide. The Ekahau Site Survey family of Wi-Fi tools had the best quarter since the product was launched in 2003.

A key business driver for Ekahau’s growth has been the rapid adoption of RTLS by the health care industry. In the past year more hospitals have purchased an RTLS to improve operational efficiencies as well as staff and patient safety. Ekahau’s customers typically achieve a 200% ROI over the first 12-month period. Since the Ekahau system does not require an enterprise-wide build-out of RTLS infrastructure to achieve broad coverage and precise sub-room location, Ekahau customers can begin generating a return on investment within weeks of signing a contract.