Etiometry, a provider of clinical decision-support software for critical care, and Radiometer, a medical device company specializing in acute-care testing solutions, are collaborating to enhance clinical workflows in neonatal intensive care units (NICU).

The partnership pairs Etiometry’s platform to create a holistic view of the patient’s clinical picture empowering rapid, informed decision-making with Radiometer’s transcutaneous monitoring (TCM) solution, focused on monitoring ventilation of neonatal patients. Integrating the Etiometry platform with Radiometer’s real-time TCM solutions will allow clinicians across the care continuum to view carbon dioxide trends with other physiologic parameters consolidated on one screen to streamline patient care management.

The data will also help fuel clinical research activities by Etiometry and Radiometer aimed to demonstrate the minimization of ventilation times and improve extubation failure rates, with the goal to help reduce the time a patient needs to spend in the NICU as well as the associated costs of long NICU stays. The first phase of the partnership will validate proof of concept.

“The care that neonates receive in the first hours and days of their life can have a significant impact on their quality of life,” says Henrik Schimmell, president and CEO of Radiometer. “Supporting caregivers in making well-informed treatment decisions is therefore crucial, and this partnership with Etiometry has the potential to make it easier for clinicians to provide the right treatment at the right time.”

Etiometry’s platform enables hospitals to embed their specific clinical protocols and workflows into the software, automatically screening all patients for eligibility and tracking performance once a protocol is initiated. Incorporating Radiometer’s transcutaneous monitoring data into the Etiometry platform can further reduce the burden of manual protocol management.

“Etiometry brings deep expertise in managing data analytics with our Clinical Decision Support platform that modernizes clinical workflow management and associated patient care activities through its customizable Clinical Management Application,” says Shane Cooke, CEO of Etiometry. “This partnership with Radiometer propels our ability to serve our customers with the essential patient data they need to make informed care decisions.”