The U.S. FDA has granted 510(k) clearance to the Baxter Novum IQ’s large volume infusion pump (LVP) with Dose IQ Safety Software.

Adding LVP modality to the Novum IQ Infusion Platform—which includes Baxter’s syringe infusion pump (SYR) with Dose IQ Safety Software, powered by the IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite—enables clinicians to utilize a single, integrated system across a variety of patient care settings.

“The Novum IQ platform represents a meaningful shift in how connected and intelligent infusion therapy can impact the way clinicians provide care,” said Heather Knight, executive vice president and group president, Medical Products and Therapies at Baxter. “Offering Novum IQ large volume and syringe infusion pumps unlocks the potential of advanced, intuitive technologies that customers seek to meet their needs.”

Features of the Platform

The Novum IQ Infusion Platform integrates user experience across its LVP and SYR pumps and helps to reduce the burden of non-critical tasks so that nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians can spend more time focused on patient care. Highlights of the platform include:

  • Novum IQ LVP and SYR infusion pumps, which share a common user interface designed to accomplish association between a patient, medication and pump through a digital on-screen barcode. The pumps’ integrated experience also streamlines the training that clinicians need and helps reduce the cognitive burden associated with understanding how to properly operate multiple, disparate pump platforms.
  • Dose IQ Safety Software, which features a web-based, customizable drug library and dose error reduction system. Dose IQ supports clinicians and hospitals by helping ensure pumps are up to date with the latest, facility-specific drug and dosage parameters and information through centralized access to current drug library files. In addition, Dose IQ includes exclusive titration error prevention technology designed to provide additional safety measures.
  • IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite, a scalable server, integration engine and software application platform, designed to simplify infusion system connectivity for the Novum IQ Infusion Platform.
  • Cybersecurity rigor, with Dose IQ Safety Software and IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite both certified to the UL 2900 Series of Standards.

Based on clinical setting and patient need, hospitals may need and benefit from having access to both LVP and SYR pumps. Baxter’s Novum IQ LVP supports the administration of high-volume infusions at faster rates, while Novum IQ SYR supports the delivery of small, precise amounts of fluid at lower rates, often in pediatric, neonatal or anesthesia care settings.

The Novum IQ LVP and Novum IQ SYR are available to order in the U.S. Baxter expects to expand the platform in the future through continued product development and additional regulatory submissions.