DiagnaMed Holdings, an artificial intelligence (AI) digital healthcare company, announced it has added Drexel University as a new test launch site of CERVAI, a consumer brain health and wellness AI solution. 

The company continues to expand its commercial initiatives in the U.S. and Canada for its CERVAI Brain Health AI Platform, which includes the BRAIN AGE estimation solution, with clinicians and hospital facilities such as the University of Miami Comprehensive Center for Brain Health, and in Canadian research hospitals, such as Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joe’s Healthcare Hamilton.

CERVAI Brain Health AI Platform is a consumer brain health and wellness AI solution that estimates BRAIN AGE and provides a brain health score. Based on research and development at Drexel University and the University of Miami, CERVAI combines a BRAIN AGE Estimation and Brain Health Assessment tool with the aim to ‘raise a red flag’ for potential brain health issues. 

CERVAI can assess if a brain is aging more quickly or more slowly than is typical for healthy individuals, according to the company. Brain age is estimated by collecting neural activity data of the brain with an electroencephalogram headset and calculating the data with a proprietary machine-learning model. 

It can also assess if a person has a healthy brain or is in the early stage of cognitive decline. Brain health is scored by taking a clinically validated assessment for brain resilience, vulnerability, and performance functions. Individuals can seek out personalized diagnostics and interventions, such as medication or lifestyle changes, that may help to decrease the development or progression of cognitive decline.

The CERVAI Brain Health commercial pilot program is available to clinics in Canada and the U.S. Ideal clinics for the pilot program must focus on health and wellness, sports and physical therapy, mental health, chiropractic care, or clinical research for neurological and cognitive disorders, according to DiagnaMed.