An unnamed health system has partnered with Healthcare Triangle to utilize its cloud-based AI and machine learning solution for patient data. The deployment of the AI solution,, automates the categorization and matching of crucial patient information from diverse unstructured data sources. 

Healthcare Triangle employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract essential data from documents, faxes, and narrative reports, with the goal of improving efficiency and delivering critical information to healthcare providers more quickly.

Healthcare Triangle has developed an AI model that learns from real-time healthcare data and plans to integrate it with Large Language Models (LLMs) to improve its ability to understand and process natural language at scale, offering advanced insights and processing capabilities to healthcare organizations. This technology, including the LLM integration, is now available for other healthcare organizations to utilize.

“By making these advanced technologies available to a broader spectrum of healthcare providers, we are setting the stage for a revolutionary shift in the healthcare industry,” says Anand Kumar, interim CEO at Healthcare Triangle. “The integration of our AI model with Large Language Models is a game-changer, allowing us to process and understand patient data in ways it was never thought possible.”