Cybersecurity companies Cynerio and Check Point Software Technologies have inked a deal  to provide healthcare organizations with comprehensive security for their medical Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Cynerio’s 360 platform will provide functionality critical to securing healthcare IoT devices including device discovery, patch guidance, microsegmentation, and attack detection. 

By pairing this functionality with threat prevention and remediation technologies provided by Check Point Quantum IoT Protect, healthcare organizations will receive the complete device security protections they are seeking, Cynerio officials add.

“The global healthcare industry continues to see increasing attacks resulting in impacted patient care, multi-million-dollar recovery costs, and exposed patient records numbering in the tens of millions,” says Cynerio CEO Leon Lerman. 

Lerman adds, “We are excited to partner with Check Point to provide healthcare organizations with a comprehensive solution that will secure their medical IoT devices. This partnership joins Cynerio’s deep expertise in medical IoT security and Check Point’s market-leading threat prevention technology. Together, we will help healthcare organizations protect their patients, data, and operations from cyber threats.”

Moreover, the integration of the Cynerio and Check Point solutions provides healthcare organizations with these medical IoT protections:

  • Comprehensive visibility: Cynerio’s 360 Platform provides healthcare organizations with a comprehensive view of all their connected medical devices, including their location, configuration, and vulnerabilities. This visibility helps organizations to identify and prioritize security risks.
  • Network level protections: Cynerio’s inspection technology uses Generative AI to analyze traffic patterns, create security policies, and automatically test those policies prior to deployment.
  • Threat prevention: Check Point Quantum IoT Protect uses artificial intelligence/machine learning and behavioral analysis to identify and prevent attacks on IoT devices. This helps to protect organizations from known and unknown threats.
  • IoT attack detection: Cynerio’s Attack Detection and Response offering will allow the paired products to detect active attacks missed by traditional technologies and immediately respond to those attacks.
  • Remediation: When a threat is detected, Check Point Quantum IoT Protect can automatically remediate the issue, such as by blocking malicious traffic or isolating the affected device. This helps to minimize the impact of a security incident, according to Cynerio officials.