CynergisTek, a cybersecurity, privacy, compliance, and IT audit firm helping organizations navigate emerging security and privacy issues, signed a six-figure, multi-year resilience partner program (RPP) agreement to provide cybersecurity risk assessments, penetration testing, technical assessments, medical device security, and advisory services to a southwest healthcare system with over 25 community locations.

CynergisTek’s RPP offers healthcare organizations with active risk management and instills a proactive approach to responding to cyber threats. The RPP provides this client with a valuable, independent, third-party review of its information security program and posture against the current threat landscape to uncover security vulnerabilities. CynergisTek’s team of highly experienced security and privacy resources helps prioritize risk, provide remediation guidance, formalize incident response protocols, and strengthen the overall program maturity.

“This client turned to CynergisTek for help in staying ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape. With the ever-changing tools, techniques, and procedures of threat actors, there is increasing demand for CynergisTek’s strategic and tactical advantages that aid in averting compromise,” says Benjamin Denkers, CIO of CynergisTek.

CynergisTek combines intelligence, expertise, and a distinct methodology to validate a company’s security posture and ensure the team is rehearsed, prepared, and resilient against threats. 

“As we were selected over multiple competitors in a nationwide RFP process, this win highlights the value of the RPP and its unique, tailored approach to each client. This is a significant investment in multiple services designed to assist this client in strengthening its cybersecurity posture,” says Mac McMillan, CEO of CynergisTek. The RPP focuses on improving risk management and building resilience by including more proactive elements.