Alio, Inc. and Carium are partnering to improve health outcomes for patients with chronic conditions and increase healthcare accessibility through Alio’s remote patient monitoring platform.

The two companies aim to improve chronic care management while also improving the patient and clinician experience.

Carium is a care experience platform (CXP) delivering advanced virtual care technology. Within one, cohesive ecosystem, the end-to-end care journey is actionable, personalized, and efficient for care teams and the people they serve, the company says. The company has a number of existing customers within the healthcare landscape including major health systems, independent hospitals, physician organizations, payors, and virtual health delivery providers.

Meanwhile, Alio is an FDA cleared, non-invasive, and multimetric remote patient monitoring platform consisting of the wearable SmartPatch, hub, and clinician-facing portal. Alio’s technology captures clinical-grade data from patients and wirelessly transmits actionable insights, predictive analytics, and notifications to clinical care teams. The SmartPatch uses proprietary technology to capture novel metrics including potassium, hematocrit, hemoglobin, auscultation, and skin temperature, the company says.

“We are thrilled to partner with Carium, a forward-thinking organization equally committed to achieving better health outcomes through personalized patient care and an exceptional user experience,” says David Kuraguntla, CEO and co-founder of Alio. “We are also aligned by our mutual belief in the importance of increasing access to care. With a growing number of Americans living with one or more chronic conditions, there is a need for tools which allow them to better manage their condition outside of the traditional clinical setting. This partnership will help get our technologies into the hands of those who need it and ensure it is a seamless experience.”

Alio’s remote patient monitoring platform will be available through commercial agreements made directly with Alio as well as through Carium’s network of solutions.

“Since our inception we have been focused on helping patients, caregivers, and clinicians navigate our country’s complex healthcare system,” says Rich Steinle, CEO of Carium. “And, it’s not enough just to navigate the system, we also need to be collectively committed to achieving better health outcomes. Alio’s technology together with Carium has the power to engage patients and dramatically reduce the number of adverse health events while also driving down costs for the system as a whole. Through this partnership we intend to make their technology more widely available so it can have an even greater impact for vulnerable patient populations.”