Minnesota-based global NGO Matter announced that more than 6.5 million pounds of medical surplus was diverted from landfills in 2023 through the Matter 360 initiative of repurposing medical equipment and supplies, an increase from nearly 3.5 million pounds in 2022.

Matter has been involved in repurposing medical equipment and supplies since 2002, and since 2017 has repurposed nearly 14 million pounds.

Matter repurposes medical equipment and supplies to aid people and reduce landfill non-hazardous medical waste, accomplishing this through distributions to international hospital and clinic partners, from resale efforts, and by recycling.

Established partnerships with hospitals and clinics provide Matter the opportunity to repurpose medical supplies and equipment, which accounts for 88% of donations. As a result, medical equipment and supplies that are no longer useful in the United States, find a new life in other parts of the world.

Of the remaining supplies and equipment received, Matter remarkets approximately 5% via sales channels to support Matter projects and operations. Unusable supplies and equipment, totaling 1%, is recycled annually, resulting in total waste of just 6%.

“Providing an easy, efficient and streamlined process for our partners to donate medical supplies and equipment remains central to our work, while ensuring these items serve a renewed purpose provides a win for our partners as well as those using the items in other places around the world,” said Joel Anderson, Executive VP of Matter 360. “We remain immensely grateful for our hospital and clinic partners around the country and look forward to continuing this important effort together.”