Cognosos—a leading provider of real-time location services (RTLS)—has been selected by Siemens Healthineers to provide real-time asset tracking and intelligence for hospitals and healthcare systems. With this strategic relationship, Siemens Healthineers becomes an important reseller of the Cognosos portfolio of products and services. Designed to track the location of critical mobile medical equipment, Cognosos technology enables healthcare facilities to streamline operations, uncover hidden costs, and improve staff satisfaction and patient experience.

“Enhancing our customers’ ability to optimize operations and maximize productivity with real-time, room-level visibility of their assets using easily deployed, lightweight infrastructure will be a significant workflow and efficiency driver for healthcare providers,” says Ben Sperling, vice president and GM of Enterprise Intelligence, Enterprise Services, North America, Siemens Healthineers.

Unlike the hardware-heavy and operationally disruptive solutions of the past, RTLS from Cognosos leverages advancements in AI and cloud to drastically reduce the hardware footprint and associated installation challenges required for real-time asset tracking, while delivering a more complete set of data through the provision of both macro (site-wide) and micro (room-level) visibility.  

“Our ability to provide next-generation visibility and insights—without the burdensome installation and expensive price tag associated with legacy RTLS technology—was important to Siemens Healthineers,” says Cognosos CEO Braxton Jarratt. “This collaboration will enable hospitals to quickly and easily implement RTLS while providing the intelligence needed to accelerate processes and streamline operations within their facilities.” 

Cognosos’ RTLS platform is built on patented, long-range wireless networking technology and Cognosos LocationAI, a proprietary AI-powered location engine that enables both site-wide and room-level visibility. This combination of advanced technology enables seamless tracking across patient treatment rooms and common areas without the need for additional equipment. Cognosos’ solution is designed to deliver a more complete set of insights to drive evidence-based decisions and a hard-dollar ROI.