Electrical test and measurement company Seaward donated one of its advanced testers to a hospice in Yorkshire, a county in the U.K., to help improve the safe checking and testing of dozens of electrical appliances.

Barnsley Hospice has received a portable Seaward PrimeTest 100, which is now being used to check the in-service safety of dozens of items as part of the organization’s ongoing asset management and maintenance programs. These include electrical appliances such as PCs, laptops, kettles, dishwashers, microwaves, power tools, and desk lights used to support services.

Barnsley Hospice provides a range of end-of-life and palliative care services to people living with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and motor neurone disease among other life-limiting illnesses, catering for up 10 patients at any one time at its specialist inpatient unit. A team of counsellors, nurses and support staff are also available to provide specialist outreach and support services in the local community.

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The tester’s ease-of-use and reliability is ideal for the hospice’s requirements, enabling maintenance team member Finlay McKenzie to more effectively carry out PAT testing on electrical appliances found in the building.

“We would like to thank Seaward for their generosity – it’s very much appreciated. It’s replaced an old tester and is a great, all-round piece of kit that exceeds our requirements for a reliable, cost-effective tester,” he says. “It’s simple-to-understand and easy-to-use and I really appreciate its value and accuracy as part of our health and safety compliance requirements.”

Sam Barwell, marketing executive at Seaward, arranged the donation to help the hospice improve its PAT testing capabilities.

“We are absolutely delighted to help Barnsley Hospice. It’s a fantastic charity that does outstanding work throughout South Yorkshire,” she says. “It relies on an array of electrical devices and equipment to provide vital support for the hundreds of patients it helps and supports every year, so it’s great to see our tester making a really difference to their health and safety compliance programme.”

The Prime Test 100 forms part of a comprehensive range of Seaward PAT instruments, accessories and software that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of electrical safety duty holders in all workplaces.

Featured image: Finlay McKenzie (left) with Simon Atkinson, Barnsley Hospice’s corporate partnerships manager, accept the Seaward PrimeTest 100. Photo: Seaward