Ordr has partnered with medical device asset management provider Integra e-Quip Ltd. The two companies have teamed up to deliver a clinical asset management and security solution to healthcare organizations throughout the UK.

e-Quip’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) maintains an inventory of all connected medical devices on a network, orchestrating critical processes such as device maintenance, procurement planning, and compliance assurance. Ordr’s AI-powered platform automatically discovers and classifies all devices connecting to a network, including IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices. The insights delivered by Ordr help teams identify and understand potential device risks like the presence of obsolete operating systems, manufacturer recalls, vulnerabilities, weak passwords, or outdated certificates.

Ordr’s partnership addresses a number of UK compliance initiatives including:

  • NHS Trust Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT) compliance
  • Cyber Essentials
  • NIS2 Directive

The integration between e-Quip and Ordr enables clinical engineering departments and IT teams to have real-time, granular visibility into all connected medical devices, ensuring that the e-Quip CMMS always remains up-to-date with accurate details. Ordr helps with the challenging activity of asset reconciliation—identifying authorized medical devices in the e-Quip system that are not on the network, or discovering deployed devices that are not in the CMMS. This is critical for real-time inventory, and to prioritize vulnerabilities and schedule patch management in clinical settings. In addition, the combined solution can identify devices that are behaving abnormally, automatically initiating the correct e-Quip workflows to address these risks.

“Integra e-Quip is dedicated to making it easy for healthcare organizations to manage the myriad of medical devices they have connected to their networks. Doing this efficiently and effectively requires advanced visibility,” said Dal Jdali, CEO, at Integra e-Quip. “By teaming with Ordr we can provide customers with that real-time analysis of connected devices, helping them gain an accurate understanding of their attack surface—and the ability to identify and address potential risks.”

Ordr’s platform enables clinical engineering and IT teams across NHS trusts to not only discover and classify every connected device in the hospital, but also identify medical devices that have critical vulnerabilities that need to be patched. Armed with this information, the e-Quip system can then schedule and prioritize patching efforts, ensuring teams are up to date with potential risks across their environment – and are mitigating any risks in a timely manner.

“The global healthcare industry faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing and securing its connected devices,” added Pandian Gnanprakasam, co-founder and chief product officer, Ordr.

“Every NHS Trust is responsible for protecting all the connected devices operating in their networks whether they are aware of them or not. Ordr discovers, identifies, and assesses all of an organization’s connected assets giving healthcare security teams a comprehensive view into the activities of each device on their network, and a full understanding of the risks each pose. With operating systems being brought to end-of-life and devices not manufactured with security in mind, it is critical for teams to have the tools to access risk and quickly apply security policy protections,” Gnanprakasam adds.