Eaton announced a new rack power distribution solution for data centers and edge facilities with the global launch of its G4 rack power distribution unit (PDU).

By accommodating power demands for a broad range of equipment and facility types, the G4 allows data center operators to deploy a single PDU across multiple locations, saving time, reducing costs, and simplifying power management.

“The growth of Generative AI, cloud and hybrid IT architectures, edge computing and other trends has accelerated the demand for versatile approaches to power management in data centers globally,” said Richard Varela, global product manager, Eaton. “Our new G4 rack PDU is designed to meet data center operators’ needs for greater efficiency and reliability in the deployment of PDUs on a global scale. And, with Eaton’s secure-by-design approach to cybersecurity at the forefront, customers can have greater confidence that their critical data will be safeguarded from attacks.”

Eaton’s G4 rack PDU is ideal for organizations with large-scale distributed IT infrastructures seeking to streamline PDU procurement and deployment and achieve higher equipment utilization. Available in 30 unique models, including both corded and universal input models, key benefits of the G4 rack PDU include:

  • 3kVA single-phase power through 23kVA 3-phase power and voltage types compatible globally
  • 24 to 48 outlets across corded and universal input (UPDU) models
  • Universal input models have a PDU chassis that can be paired with any one of 17 removable input cables with 15 different plug types to streamline PDU procurement and deployment, enabling users to standardize global projects on a single PDU
  • Versatile C39 outlets accept both C20 and C14 input plugs
  • Hot-swappable gigabit network module (GNM) supports performance management software for real-time reports, trend charts, dashboards and alerts as well as remote troubleshooting and automated responses during power events. Dual GbE ports allow cascading of up to 40 PDUs from a single network port
  • Chain-of-trust encryption and secure firmware boot capability prevent the G4 PDU from being a cyberattack vulnerability point on a network
  • Network card can only be upgraded with genuine encrypted Eaton firmware at no cost to the user and is the only networking card to feature both UL 2900-1 and IEC 62443-4-2 third-party cybersecurity certifications
  • Managed models allow metering and switching at the individual outlet level, providing granular power data and precision control of power delivery

G4 rack PDU metered and managed models are compatible with Eaton’s Brightlayer Data Centers suite software. When used together, these hardware/software solutions allow users to remotely manage and monitor large-scale, multi-site deployments of PDUs, as well as automate actions such as graceful shutdown during power events to protect data and ensure business continuity.

The G4 rack PDU is now available and more information can be found at