Power management company Eaton launched its new 5PX G2 uninterruptible power supply (UPS)—ideal for users in edge environments, including those operating medical facilities—to help curb outages and improve cybersecurity.

“As businesses across industries shift critical IT functions to a distributed model, it becomes more critical than ever to protect against downtime in these environments,” says Rusty Scocia, product line manager, Eaton. “By bringing new connected capabilities to the 5PX G2 UPS, we’re giving these users an easy way to protect servers, switches, storage and other essential equipment without the need for on-site IT support. And, with enhanced cybersecurity protection, users have greater peace of mind that essential equipment is safeguarded from threats.”

With an increased standard runtime and enhanced surge protection, Eaton’s 5PX G2 UPS include: 

  • Simplified deployment due to easy startup configuration wizard and the ability to conduct mass firmware upgrades while protecting connected equipment.
  • Tri-color LED status bar for quick and clear visual diagnostics in all environments.
  • Easier visibility due to a higher contrast user interface and detailed alarms and notifications to help diagnose the issue the first time.

To learn more about the 5PX G2 UPS, visit Eaton.com/5PXG2.