Chicago-based Tripp Lite aims to make mission-critical power protection more compact and convenient than ever before with its new SmartOnline Unity PF UPS systems that offer 5 kW or 6 kW options and internal batteries in just 3U to provide best-in-class power density and runtime. They also modernize maintenance and management features, giving IT staff the time and confidence to focus on other responsibilities.

Internal smart batteries automatically provide proactive replacement alerts and highly accurate runtime data to prevent unexpected loss of power to critical loads. Optional bypass PDUs offer controllable outlet banks and blind-mate connections, giving customers more specific load control and helping them perform maintenance without costly assistance from an electrician. All models include a preinstalled network management card, and the network management console can be accessed instantly from a network-connected mobile device by scanning a QR code on the front-panel LCD.

The single-phase Unity PF UPS systems save valuable rack space for mission-critical and/or revenue-generating equipment like servers, storage and network hardware. Their unity power factor (1.0) design provides optimal power density for supporting more equipment, and Energy Star 2.0-certified efficiency reduces operating costs. They are ideal for protecting and supporting important equipment in small/medium business IT spaces, network closets, data centers, colocation facilities, manufacturing, and healthcare environments.

“We believe you should never have to experience unexpected downtime when you purchase a networked UPS,” says Rusty Scioscia, senior product manager – single-phase UPS and power conversion. “Our new Unity PF series offers smart batteries that proactively help you protect your critical equipment from power loss. Blind-mate bypass PDUs with controllable outlet banks, a Tripp Lite exclusive, also enable faster installation and easier maintenance, allowing your team to spend time on better things.”

Key Features of Tripp Lite’s Unity PF Series UPS Systems include:

• Best-in-class power density with 3U rack footprint for 5 kVA/5 kW or 6 kVA/6 kW

• Unity power factor (1.0) equalizes VA and watts to support more equipment

• Blind-mate connections for batteries and bypass PDUs make maintenance tasks quicker and easier

• Smart internal batteries and optional smart external battery packs automatically provide accurate runtime data and proactive battery replacement alerts

• Energy Star 2.0-certified efficiency saves energy and reduces operating costs 

For more information about the Unity PF series UPS systems, visit Tripp Lite.