Atlanta-based Vizzia Technologies was named one of the “Top 25 Healthcare Software Companies of 2024” by The Healthcare Technology Report. The company also announced several new healthcare application integrations.

Specifically, Vizzia was recognized for its InView software platform, which provides clinicians with real-time data analytics, enhancing healthcare efficiencies and patient care, at several of the largest hospitals and health systems in America.

Moreover, Vizzia is collaborating with clinicians and technology leaders to improve its InView software platform. The company recently released several new integrations that include:

  • Epic EHR: Saves clinicians time by automating patient information data entry.
  • Microsoft Entra ID: Securely accesses applications with Single Sign-On (SSO) identity
  • Get Well 360: Increases patient engagement and satisfaction via smart room solutions
  • Nuvolo CMMS: Improves enterprise asset management workflows and location syncing.
  • Lynx Systems: Enhances staff safety by instantly providing location of a staff duress alert.
  • Zebra RFID: Streamlines visibility of all devices with a mobile Single Pane of Glass.

“We are honored to be recognized for our industry-leading RTLS software platform, which produces meaningful results for prominent hospitals,” said Andrew L. Halasz, CEO of Vizzia Technologies. “Our team is driven by a vision to improve healthcare, by developing advanced clinical workflow solutions.”

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