Power management company Eaton announced the North American launch of a new modular data center solution called SmartRack for organizations seeking to meet the growing requirements for edge computing, machine learning and AI.

Eaton’s SmartRack modular data centers can be deployed in a matter of days in facilities such as enterprise or colocation data centers, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Eaton’s SmartRack modular data centers combine IT rack, cooling and service enclosures to create an optimized data center solution designed for critical IT equipment with up to 150 kW of equipment load. Featuring transportable and durable modular enclosures, Eaton’s SmartRack modular data centers can be sized, configured, commissioned and deployed rapidly to meet a diverse set of requirements.

“The race is on as the rapid growth of AI and edge computing increases the demand for small data centers with shorter development cycles, lower costs and optimized capacity,” said Jose Medina, product manager, Eaton. “While deploying new data centers has traditionally been a costly and time-intensive effort, we’ve simplified the process with an innovative solution operators can have up and running in days, not weeks or months.”

The solution is compatible with:

  • Eaton’s SmartRack in-row precision cooling system
  • PDUs
  • Single-phase and three-phase UPSs
  • Cables, KVMs and cable management accessories
  • Eaton’s Brightlayer Data Centers suite for remote management and monitoring of cooling, UPSs, PDUs and other critical components

Eaton’s SmartRack modular data centers are available in 13 standard configurations that ship pre-built with in-row cooling units pre-installed. If a custom configuration is required, Eaton’s pre-sales engineering team will provide support for those configurations.