St. Charles, Mo.-based BC Group International, Inc. and Towaco, N.J.-based RTI Electronics, Inc. have inked a deal for the distribution of the RTI Imaging product line. BC Group manufactures, services, and sells biomedical testing equipment while RTI provides these services in the imaging test equipment sector.

BC Group President Mel Roche spoke out about the new partnership, commenting: “BC Group is excited to add the RTI product line to our BC Marketplace offering. BC Marketplace provides over 75 product lines of test equipment and tools in addition to our extensive offering of BC Biomedical products.” 

After all, Roche says, the company has been looking to expand its Marketplace offerings to imaging test equipment for quite some time. “With RTI’s great reputation and outstanding product offering, it is the perfect product line to fill out our one-stop shot concept,” he adds.

Fran Hackett, CEO of RTI, also praised the new partnership, calling it a win-win for both companies. Under the new deal, BC Group will market all of the RTI products, including the Black Piranha and its varied options, Hackett reveals.

It’s a major boon, he says, since “the Black Piranha with its industry-leading, two-year calibration cycle and up to 10-year warranty makes x-ray [quality assurance] easy, fast and, foremost, the most cost-effective solution.”