Rigel Medical analyzers have been specified for a project in South Africa designed to improve standards of medical device safety and performance inspection. The Rigel 288 electrical safety analyzer, Uni-Pulse defibrillator analyzer, and Uni-Sim are among several precision testers being used by the National Department of Health in Pretoria, South Africa, for its health technology audit and asset management scheme.

This project aims to create seven teams of highly trained technicians and equip them with the skills required to better understand the importance of electrical safety testing and how to service and maintain medical equipment properly. Once qualified, they will embark on a program of safety and performance inspections of biomedical equipment using the Rigel instruments.

The move will improve national safety testing procedures, ensuring more electrically operated equipment such as x-ray machines, ECGs, and blood pressure units used at health care and hospital facilities throughout South Africa are safe for use by both medical staff and patients.