The ProSim 8 Vital Signs Patient Monitor Simulator by Fluke Biomedical is an all-in-one, portable simulator featuring a user-friendly design that helps healthcare technology maintenance and clinical bioengineering departments to efficiently meet compliance needs by enabling preventive maintenance testing with a single device, reducing average test time by up to 88%.

Designed to make comprehensive patient monitor testing quick and easy, the ProSim 8 tests eight vital sign parameters that are synchronized with one another, just as in the human body. It offers total patient monitor quality and safety testing, from non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), static pressure linearity and dynamic pressure repeatability tests, EC13 and ACLS ECG waveforms, to complete Nellcor and Nonin SpO2 low perfusion and Masimo Rainbow SET, all in a single, 5-minute PM testing tool. While specialized, stay-connected ECG posts ensure secure lead connections.

Fluke Biomedical’s ProSim 8 Vital Signs Patient Monitor Simulator

Wireless PC communication, customized presets, auto-sequences, barcode scanning, onboard memory, direct data capture, printing functions and single-step adjustability helps the ProSim 8 maximize testing productivity. Weighing in at a compact 4.2 lbs. (1.87 kg), it’s smaller and lighter than Fluke Biomedical’s previous generation of single function simulator test tools. And last, but certainly not least, a carrying case doubles as a mobile workstation.

“At Fluke Biomedical, innovation doesn’t happen by accident. We dedicate unprecedented amounts of time and resources into extensive voice-of-customer research. This means we develop products based on the life of a biomed; their pain points, workarounds, routines, and goals,” company officials say. “We listen. Then, we take it a step further and work to design products that will grow and adapt to what they may need in the future.”

Testing can be performed all day with a 9-hour battery life and test results can be saved in the simulator’s onboard memory. Best-in-class accuracy and measurement technology, including 50+ arrhythmia waveforms, also make it a welcomed addition to any Biomed’s tool bench.

“One of the best things about this product is the finger-friendliness,” remarked one of the Fluke Biomedical customer design partners. “Where the connectors are, where the softkeys are—you made it small enough to be highly compact but big enough to allow for amazing manual dexterity. It’s not too big, it’s not too small—you got it just right.”

Top Product Features

Some of the key benefits of the ProSim 8 Vital Signs Patient Monitor Simulator include:

  • An all-in-one patient simulator 80% smaller and 17 lbs./7.7 kilos lighter than single function simulator test tools
  • 8-in-1 multifunction patient simulator: ECG, fetal, arrhythmia, respiration, temperature, IBP, cardiac output, cardiac catheterization
  • SpO2 tester and premier SpO2 simulator to test Rainbow multi-wavelength waveforms
  • Stay-connected ECG posts for lead connections
  • Custom SpO2 r-curve for accurate testing of oximetry technologies
  • Static pressure linearity testing
  • Repeatable NIBP simulation for dynamic pressure repeatability testing
  • Physiologically synchronized pulses across all parameters
  • Barcode scanning and direct data capture and printing
  • Onboard, customizable patient presets and auto sequences
  • Multiple language user interface with language selection
  • Integrated, long-life battery
  • Optional PC-interface software with customizable procedures/checklists and automated data capture/storage
  • Wireless, remote PC control of data transfer and automated regulatory reporting

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