Acertara Acoustic Laboratories—a Longmont, Colo.-based accredited testing laboratory and certified ultrasound probe repair facility—announces that its newest ultrasound probe testing device, ATLAS, has received the CE mark, allowing it to be sold in Europe.

ATLAS is a patent-pending, table-top sized, probe testing and analysis device that provides ultrasound OEMs, hospital-based medical imaging physicists, and regulatory-based laboratory professionals with a comprehensive analysis of acoustic and electrical performance parameters, as well as the detection of dead elements.atlas1-555x338

Historically, a device with this level of testing ability and functionality would have required a room filled with various interconnected test devices, Acertara officials say. However, ATLAS provides this performance level in a single 43x36x12cm table-top package weighing less than 6kg.

Speaking out about the ATLAS device, G. Wayne Moore, president and CEO of Acertara, says: “ATLAS represents the output of more than 20 years of acoustic testing and R&D experience beginning with our groundbreaking FirstCall probe-testing system. ATLAS is designed to be a high-precision, professional grade array and complete transducer measurement device that can be used with any electronic array probe.

Moore continues: “Our design and development team, who invented FirstCall, the Nickel, and Aureon, has a long history of developing new and innovative ultrasound test devices, and has more than 20 patents in this field. ATLAS represents an exciting continuation of that legacy and with the CE mark allows those in the EU to now obtain this valuable testing tool.”