GE Healthcare introduces the Aisys Carestation and the Navigator applications suite, two new anesthesia products designed to help meet the current and future needs of anesthesiologists and health care professionals.

The Aisys Carestation is a fully digital anesthesia delivery system with an upgradeable software platform. The digital platform enables the addition of digital solutions such as GE’s Navigator application suite.
The Navigator applications suite, which includes Navigator Therapy, Protocol, and Device, supports care providers at the point of need as they make clinical decisions in anesthesia therapy.
Navigator Therapy captures information from the digital anesthesia Carestation and infusion devices, and analyzes drug therapy information to model and predict the synergistic effect of supported anesthesia-related agents and drugs, helping clinicians determine effective treatment for each patient.

Navigator Protocol centralizes anesthesia care protocols at the point of need for immediate access and reference. Navigator Device helps troubleshoot technical problems in the anesthesia machine, and provides online specific step-by-step instructions on how to resolve device issues.