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Gradian Health Systems: Elevating the Role of Biomeds in Global Surgery

Gradian Health Systems is a nonprofit social enterprise that seeks to improve access to surgical and anesthesia care worldwide. Based in New York with a global network stretching from the United Kingdom to Southeast Asia to sub-Saharan Africa, the Gradian team manufactures, sells, maintains, and trains users to operate the Universal Anaesthesia Machine.



Shining a Light on Medical Laser Training and Repair

The repair and maintenance of medical lasers can play a significant role in a typical biomedical technician’s duties. But vague regulatory guidelines are causing confusion about who is qualified to maintain the equipment and which procedures should be followed.

Transport Monitor Heightens Post-anesthesia Safety

Nihon Kohden recently introduced its BMS-1700 transport monitor, which addresses the safety challenges of transporting at-risk patients between points of care in the hospital setting. The BMS-1700 is particularly suited for post-anesthesia patients in transit from the operating room, but also works as a stand-alone monitor or input unit for Nihon Kohden’s BSM-6000 or BSM-9000 bedside monitors.

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James Mazurek: Leader, Diplomat, and Team Player

James Mazurek, a biomed for more than 30 years and a veteran of the US Air Force, has had a long and storied career, culminating in his selection in May as the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s 2015 BMET of the Year. Mazurek’s colleagues say he willingly shares his experience and expertise to serve as a mentor to junior biomeds.

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Biomeds Going Global

A prime motivation for becoming a biomed is to help others, and not just locally. Global opportunities abound for HTM professionals to contribute their skills and knowledge to healthcare providers in developing countries.

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