As the year winds to a close, the 24×7 editorial team took the time to look back on the stories that garnered the most interest among our readers over the past year. We’ve compiled a list of 2015 highlights below, ranked in descending order of page views.

Of all the stories we published, what topics claimed the most eyeballs? Predictions for the future, educational resources and practical tips, and insights into technology and regulations—both old and new. If you missed these stories the first time around, now is your chance to catch up before the new year.

1. How the Medical Equipment Management Landscape Will Change in 2015

2. CBET Exam Prep Goes Virtual

3. HTM Salary Survey 2015: Nearing a Tipping Point

4. Surveillance Monitoring: An Emerging Standard of Care

5. Understanding SpO2 Sensor Testing

6. Taking the Pain Out of Anesthesia Machine Maintenance

7. Clinical Alarm Management: Bringing the Buzz Under Control

8. How to Build Your Own Battery Testing Station

9. Women in Biomedical Engineering: A Positive Outlook for Technology

10. Joint Commission’s Mills to AAMI: Use Common Sense for Alternative Equipment Maintenance