The AAMI Nominating Committee has selected new leaders to serve on the AAMI Board of Directors, representing a significant change in the membership of the board. Pending confirmation from the AAMI membership, six new members will join the board this summer, alongside current members receiving nominations for the positions of chair-elect, treasurer, vice chair positions. Two new members were also nominated to join the AAMI Nominating Committee.

“This year is special because we have six new members joining the AAMI Board of Directors, representing the biggest shift in the makeup of the Board in recent memory,” says Steve Yelton, chair of the AAMI Board of Directors, HTM senior engineer, and a professor emeritus at Cincinnati State Technical & Community College. “From medical device companies to healthcare delivery organizations and now The Joint Commission, our board of directors and committees come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds and, like AAMI, reach all corners of the health technology community.”

The AAMI Board of Directors consists of 20 representatives who are responsible for reviewing, revising, and approving strategic and business plans; establishing and approving policies; and providing guidance on strategic issues affecting the association. The AAMI Nominating Committee reviews applications for the board and the nominating committee itself.

Nominees to the board are officially elected at AAMI’s annual business meeting at the AAMI Exchange. At that meeting, current chair-elect Janet Prust, director of standards and global business development at 3M Health Care, will become chair of the board. The chair and chair-elect serve two-year terms, while all other members of the board and nominating committee serve for three years.

Nominees to the AAMI Board of Directors for Terms Beginning in 2022


Walt Rosebrough
CEO Emeritus and Senior Advisor

Heidi Horn
Vice President, Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Vice-Chair, Sterilization
Ralph Basile
Vice President, Marketing and Regulatory Affairs

Vice-Chair, Health IT
Michael McNeil
Senior Vice President, Global CISO

Vice-Chair, Industry
Elisabeth George
Head of Global Regulations and Standards

Vice-Chair, At-Large
Mike Busdicker
System Director, Clinical Engineering
Intermountain Healthcare


Barrett Franklin
Chief Operations Officer
VA New England Healthcare System

Larry Hertzler
Chief Operating Officer
The InterMed Group

Samantha Jacques
Vice President, Clinical Engineering
McLaren Health

Gerry McDonnell
Senior Director, Microbiological Quality and Sterility Assurance
Johnson & Johnson

Herman McKenzie
The Joint Commission

Liz Claverie-Williams
Consultant, Microbiologist
Retired Branch Chief, Infection Control Devices, FDA

Nominees to the AAMI Nominating Committee

Don Busby
Director, complaints trending and investigation
Amgen, Inc.

James Linton
Professor and program coordinator
St. Clair College

AAMI officials say they would also like to thank the following outgoing board members for their service to AAMI and the health technology community: George Mills, Tina Krenc, Dave Francoeur, Ralph Basile, Eamonn Hoxey (immediate past chair), Sue Schade, and Carol Davis-Smith. The association also thanks Jennifer DeFrancesco and Susumu Nozawa, outgoing members of the AAMI Nominating Committee.