Bluesocket, Burlington, Mass, has announced the BlueSecure Trade-UP Program, providing customers across all markets with the opportunity to easily migrate to the newest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard while maximizing their existing wireless LAN (WLAN) investments.

The program allows customers to trade in any competitor’s enterprise wireless LAN equipment for Bluesocket’s newer 802.11n-ready solution. 

For those customers with Cisco Aironet or Proxim fat AP deployments, the program offers a cost-effective opportunity to move from the limitations of a distributed WLAN architecture to one that is optimized to scale without compromising security or manageability.

The program runs until December 31 2008. Participating customers must send their existing Wi-Fi equipment to Bluesocket for recycling.  All returned equipment will be processed with local recyclers in an environmentally safe way.

For more on the Bluesocket Trade-UP Program visit the company’s Web site.