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Embracing Change

Change is an inevitable part of the healthcare industry, and of life. Last month, it came to 24x7 when John Bethune stepped down after more than 2 years at the magazine’s helm. Jenny Lower has replaced him as chief editor after previously serving as the magazine's associate editor and managing editor.

Earning a [Great] Seat at the Equipment Planning Table

If your clinical engineering department is involved in the first discussions about all-new equipment purchases in your hospital, consider yourselves fortunate. If it is a given that you are the primary resource for equipment planning, then congratulate your department and thank your boss; you have succeeded in cutting through the political quagmire of hospital red […]

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Network Security

Sherman Eagles Nick Mankovich Axel Wirth John A. Christly Credit card numbers, patient data, social security numbers. These days, this sort of data is uploaded to hospital networks with increasing frequency, presenting a tantalizing prospect to today’s modern hacker—a group no longer limited to computer-savvy youth looking for a taste of fame. “Hacking now is […]

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Emergency Preparation

Arthur R. Bartosch, BS, CBET On a crisp autumn day last October, Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY, was bracing for a full-blown pandemic influenza catastrophe. Physicians and nurses scrambled to ready beds, while biomeds rushed to set up enough portable blood pressure machines and ventilators in a makeshift triage area to await a steady […]

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