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Management Strategies


Making a Splash

Dipping into its resource pool, the team at Crouse Hospital increases safety and saves money

A Passion for Promotion

Tom Citak Educating high school students about the opportunities available to them in the biomedical equipment technology field has been a passion of mine over the past decade. Working with electronic/computer instructors at three local vocational technical schools in Rhode Island has proven to be very worthwhile. Along with some assistance from fellow colleagues, we […]

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Beyond Technical Competency

How often have users of technology sent you reports of failure, bad image quality, intermittent operation, ghosts, etc, that did not clearly explain the situation to enable isolation of the problem? Reports such as, we’re getting an alarm even though the patient is in normal sinus rhythm; the image was grainy, and I couldn’t get […]

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Earning a [Great] Seat at the Equipment Planning Table

If your clinical engineering department is involved in the first discussions about all-new equipment purchases in your hospital, consider yourselves fortunate. If it is a given that you are the primary resource for equipment planning, then congratulate your department and thank your boss; you have succeeded in cutting through the political quagmire of hospital red […]

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