On Thursday, September 18, at 3:00 pm Eastern time, AAMI will offer a free online demonstration of its  web-based benchmarking tool, “Benchmarking Solutions—Healthcare Technology Management.”

The benchmarking tool allows a facility to enter its information and see a comparison of their own performance with that of other similar organizations in a number of categories.  The results help organizations better understand their strengths, as well as point out areas in which they can improve.

The tool addresses the following elements:

  • Budgeting levels for maintenance, office expense, training, computers/software, and more
  • Staffing levels allocated to management, repair, and other responsibilities
  • Cost of maintenance contracts
  • Hours spent on maintenance and repair
  • Personnel qualifications and responsibilities
  • Number of devices maintained by a CE program
  • Scheduled maintenance.

For more information on the tool, visit the AAMI website, or register online for the free web-based demonstration.