Photo of Kelley Hill And Terry Baker of Healthcare Tech Talk

Kelley Hill And Terry Baker of Healthcare Tech Talk

The Healthcare Tech Talk podcast, recently profiled on 24×7, now offers mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. According to Healthcare Tech Talk producer and cohost Terry Baker, the apps are designed both to expand the audience for the podcast as well as to offer more ways for users to interact with the program.

Asked why relying on podcast aggregator applications like iTunes or Pocket Casts was not enough, Baker explained that such programs are a “one-way experience.”  The apps, he said, enable “more of a two way experience.  Our listeners will have the ability to call, email, visit our social media pages and share specific episodes with friends all right at their fingertips.  Also, our shows contain various types of content from experts in our industry, which means some episodes are more relevant to our listeners than others.  Our listeners can “favorite” episodes and then go back and easily call up the episodes that they would like to listen to again.”

In addition, he explained, the apps provide an easy way to distribute “bonus materials” to his audience. “This would more than likely come in the form of a slide presentation, white paper, chart or something that complements the guest and the topic they are sharing,” he said.

Baker hopes that the new apps will increase engagement with his audience, he said. “While we know there is a large audience listening to the show … they really don’t talk back to us much.” The apps, he noted, should increase the feedback he and cohost Kelley Hill receive from listeners.  “I also hope,” he added, that “they make the show an even more valuable source of information for our audience, especially as we deliver the bonus content.”

The apps are available for iOS devices on the iTunes store and for Android on the Google Play store.