Controlling and preventing infections have compelled clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, and hospitals around the globe to adopt automated endoscope reprocessors and is significantly propelling market growth, according to a new analysis from Persistence Market Research Report.

Automated endoscope reprocessor devices are used to clean, sterilize, and disinfect an endoscope. Physicians use endoscopes multiple times to diagnose and treat various diseases making them prone to contamination after use. To avoid the risk of infection, endoscopes need to be sterilized before each use, which increasingly is completed using an automated endoscope reprocessor.

Single-basin automated endoscope reprocessors will retain dominance in the automated endoscope reprocessors market through 2026, according to the report. However, standalone automated endoscope reprocessors will remain the most attractive to end users. Overall, the revenue share from this segment will increase 1.7 times in the span of the next eight years, the market analysts say.

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