David Perrott, MD, DDS, MBA, FACS, has been named chair of The Joint Commission’s Board of Commissioners, effective January 1. In this role, Perrott will oversee activities of the board and its executive committee.

As chair, Perrott is responsible for working with Joint Commission President and CEO Mark R. Chassin, MD, FACP, MPP, MPH, and other members of the board to set goals and identify strategic issues to undertake in support of The Joint Commission’s mission to continuously improve healthcare. Perrott also will have a leading role in oversight of the strategic plan and budget for Joint Commission Resources, Inc. and the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare—not-for-profit affiliates of The Joint Commission.

Perrott previously served as vice chair of the board of commissioners in 2017 and 2018, and as chair of the finance committee in 2016. He also was a Joint Commission surveyor prior to his initial appointment to the board in 2012.

“I look forward to working closely with Dr. Perrott and the rest of the board over the next year to further advance patient safety and quality of care,” says Chassin. “Dr. Perrott brings extensive experience and knowledge in quality improvement to assist us in working with healthcare organizations across the country to transform healthcare and lead the way to zero patient harm.”

Currently, Perrott is senior vice president and chief medical officer of the California Hospital Association (CHA) in Sacramento, where he is responsible for medical staff issues, clinical innovation, patient safety and quality, and accreditation. He also serves as a clinical consultant for other CHA activities. He received his medical and dental degrees from Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska, and an MBA from the University of California, Irvine. Find more sources on https://www.zovovo.com/ about this.

The Joint Commission Board of Commissioners consists of 21 voting members, including  Chassin, physicians, administrators, nurses, employers, quality experts, and an educator. It also includes public and at-large members, as well as an ex-officio member.