SxanPro, a healthcare supply management technology company, and NotiSphere, a medical recall software company, are partnering to leverage their combined technologies to identify and manage recalled products within a master inventory list.

“Operationalizing data is more important than ever with the current strain on the healthcare workforce. NotiSphere’s ability to automate recall management communications, in combination with the inventory management capabilities of SxanPro will significantly reduce the time personnel spend on managing recalled and expired products – ultimately increasing patient safety,” says Guillermo Ramas, CEO and founder of NotiSphere. “Our partnership with SxanPro is an exciting opportunity to further automation in healthcare supply chain and make the recall process more robust than ever.”

SxanPro’s mobile app features patented technology that scans the UDI and captures manufacturer information including expiration date and reference number. Healthcare facilities are utilizing the mobile app to quickly capture this data to create a master inventory list. The use of NotiSphere’s recall management software will enable SxanPro customers to easily identify any product affected by a recall, further safeguarding the facility’s inventory management processes.

“The UDI is providing a level of standardization in healthcare supply chain that supports actions that prioritize patient safety,” says Ashlea Souffrou, CEO and founder of SxanPro. “The master inventory list captured by using SxanPro’s app gives hospital visibility into expiration dates to reduce the risk of an expired product being used on a patient. Now, with NotiSphere, we’re able to check that inventory list and ensure that recalled products aren’t on the shelves.”

SxanPro is an inventory technology company that offers a complete product line that tracks and manages medical supply and capital asset inventories utilizing the UDI.

NotiSphere offers a digital platform that directly connects medical device suppliers and healthcare organizations, enabling direct communication and management of medical device recalls in real-time.