On the heels of the latest jobs report, AAMI is partnering with three other U.S. industries—the professional landscape sector, the foodservice distribution industry, and the grocery sector—to encourage job seekers to explore the many career opportunities in their respective fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported the unemployment rate at 3.7%, just above a 50-year low.
With such a low unemployment rate, the HTM, landscape, foodservice and grocery sectors are challenged with finding enough workers to fill an increasing number of open positions, AAMI said in a press release.

“The very low national unemployment rate—combined with a decades-long societal push to encourage students to pursue college instead of trades—has left many industries in need of workers now more than ever before,” says Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs, National Association of Landscape Professionals, an organization leading inter-industry collaboration on workforce development efforts. Combined with the fact that many biomeds are nearing retirement age, this certainly remains true in the HTM sector.

The following is a breakdown of the HTM industry, per AAMI:

  • Size of the industry: The medical device industry is currently valued at $173 billion in the United States and is projected to grow to $208 billion by 2023. The medical equipment technology support market is valued at $40 billion-$50 billion annually. About 50,000 HTM professionals work in healthcare supporting medical technology in the U.S.
  • Average starting salary: $46,000-$92,000 for technicians and $120,000-plus for executives.

For HTM job openings, visit www.IamHTM.org and www.aami.org/Career.