AAMI will host a free, hour-long online demo of its healthcare technology management (HTM) benchmarking tool on Tuesday, May 10 at 11 am EDT. Benchmarking Solutions—HTM is designed to help HTM departments evaluate their budget, personnel, practices, and policies against similar departments at other facilities.

“If you’re feeling pressured by your hospital administrator giving you irrelevant metrics, you have to come back to them with intelligent data, and AAMI’s Benchmarking Solutions is the way to do it,” said Frank Painter, CCE, clinical engineering program director and professor at University of Connecticut. Painter will conduct the session along with Matt Baretich, PhD, president and CEO of Baretich Engineering Inc. The pair will take questions after the presentation.

The web-based resource offers an online survey with almost 75 benchmarking and best practice measurements along with a user-friendly tool to help analyze the data. The resource was developed by experts in the HTM field and includes information aimed at supporting cost containment, facility expansion, departmental management, performance improvement requirements, and data validation.

Attendees must register for the session in advance. To register, visit the event page.