The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s (AAMI) Technology Management Council (TMC) is seeking feedback from HTM professionals regarding if and how they are approaching home healthcare and the maintenance of devices used in the home.

Relevant organizations and professionals are welcome to participate in the ongoing survey that will help shape future AAMI resources and guidance.

“We’re looking at maintenance management systems, independent organizations, in-house programs, and manufacturers,” said Mike Busdicker, chair of AAMI’s Technology Management Council and enterprise director for Intermountain Health. “The more information we can collect from the field, the better clarity we’ll be able to provide.”

The main question the survey is seeking to answer is “what is the involvement of HTM departments in home health?” Busdicker and others seek to better understand how the average HTM department is approaching this challenge so they’ll be able to identify common challenges the TMC may address by creating guidance documents and curating resources for the greater HTM community.

Those who qualify and are interested in helping AAMI understand the state of home healthcare in HTM are asked to consider participating in the survey.

Photo via AAMI