Cork Medical recently expanded its negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) line after launching the Nisus touch. Created in response to in-patient acute care feedback, the Nisus touch allows end-users to wield a device that meets their specific wound care needs. The touch was built on the foundation of the original Nisus with the same internal operating system along with supplies and accessories being interchangeable between the devices.

“After receiving feedback from the nurses and doctors we work with, we found they were in need of a NPWT device that was a little more tailored to their needs within the acute care setting,” said Josh Boller, Cork Medical vice president of sales. “We decided to develop the Nisus touch NPWT product to provide them with what they needed to improve their clinical outcomes. We’re thrilled to finally launch this product to support the simplification of NPWT treatment in hospitals and long-term acute care facilities.”

Key Features of the Nisus touch:

  • More powerful flow rate. Measuring at 10.5 L/min, the Nisus touch offers acute care clinicians a slightly more powerful flow rate to tackle the toughest wounds.
  • Convenient IV pole attachment. The convenient IV pole attachment allows acute care clinicians to administer wound solutions and transport healing options from patient to patient easily.
  • Large touch enabled LCD screen. The touchscreen on the Nisus touch was a result of direct feedback from end users to navigate the device easier.
  • Intelligent and intuitive user interface. The touch utilizes the same software as the original Nisus with an icon-based menu, built-in troubleshooting instructions and patient specific data tracking.

“The Nisus touch offers seamless integration into the inpatient care setting complimenting Cork’s novel market approach,” said Jared Milewski, Cork Medical director of strategic accounts. “Our partners are bringing the Nisus touch bedside and leveraging the ease of use and consistency of application to heal more patients. I believe we’re already “turning” significant heads with this one.”