Carestream Health was awarded 45 new patents in 2021 for innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), digital radiography (DR) workflow, and detectors as well as other healthcare imaging technology areas, company officials reveal.

Twenty-three of the patents were awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, while an additional 22 patents were received in European and Asian countries.

“Carestream continuously strives to deliver cutting-edge technologies worldwide, and these patents demonstrate our commitment to meet the evolving needs of providers and patients alike,” says Eugene Shkurko, intellectual property counsel at Carestream. “Our research and development teams are always focused on enabling better diagnoses and enriching patient care with critical innovations such as lowering radiation dose without sacrificing our standards in image quality, and optimizing provider workflow with AI.”

Patents earned by Carestream’s scientists and engineers in 2021 include:

  • New medical image capture technologies with AI that help remove undesired bony structures from X-ray images to increase image clarity
  • Technology advances in image capture that automate positioning of the x-ray source according to the exam entered by the radiographer
  • A patent for x-ray detectors with stepped edges that fit together so that the combined detectors can be used for long-length imaging

Carestream’s product portfolio includes 2D and 3D digital medical imaging technology for general radiology and specialty areas such as pediatrics and fluoroscopic surgical imaging, along with digital laser imagers that output medical images to film.