Software provider Accruent announces that it is offering newly developed resources to hospitals and medical facilities to assist the healthcare industry in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. These new resources include:

As healthcare organizations experience hourly increases in ventilator demand, the performance and uptime of ventilators is among their most important considerations. HTM departments at hospitals are charged with deploying and maintaining these devices, ensuring that proactive and scheduled maintenance is completed, that replacement parts that may be needed are stocked and maximizing the number of ventilators that are available for patient care. 

To further complicate matters, hospitals will need to track all COVID-19 related activities in order to qualify for future government reimbursements. The new resources being offered leverage data from the documented experience of facilities to assist hospitals in preparing to deliver care to large numbers of patients and to help them manage the financial impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

Each of these resources is available free of charge to all hospitals and healthcare facilities:

Part Predictor for Ventilators App

To provide the most accurate information on predictive maintenance for ventilators, Accruent is providing predictive maintenance and part data at no cost through a free online app. This allows HTM teams to determine what replacement parts they should have on-hand to maximize uptime of their ventilator inventory. 

Utilization of these comprehensive, standardized reports can help hospitals forecast resource needs, mitigate potential equipment failures, and reduce bottlenecks to minimize delays in equipment availability. Improvements in proactive maintenance can maximize the impact of available biomedical equipment. 

Best practices for coding work orders to track and audit COVID-19 activities

Based on their critical role in delivering medical care during the coronavirus pandemic, it is expected that the federal government will authorize economic aid to hospitals and healthcare providers. Properly coding maintenance activities related to COVID-19 will help providers apply for aid and make justification of reimbursement much easier.

Accruent will continue to seek ways to leverage its experience working with healthcare facilities to aid these organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak. As additional resources are developed, they will be posted on the Accruent’s COVID-19 resource web page, company officials add.

 “We have taken advantage of Accruent tools and information as we prepare for and react to the COVID-19 outbreak,” says Matt Clark, healthcare technology manager, Advocate Aurora Health System. “They have helped us prepare for this event in ways that will improve our operations and delivery of care.”