EOS imaging, a French 2D/3D orthopedic medical imaging company, showcased its just-released sterEOS 1.8 imaging workstation at the Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR) 2015 annual meeting in Paris on October 16-19, 2015. The company announced that its sterEOS workstation, which has new efficiency- and connectivity-enhancing features, received the CE mark and will be commercially available in Europe during the first quarter of 2016.

According to EOS imaging, the sterEOS workstation enables orthopedic radiologists to create 3D models from a low-dose or microdose stereoradiographic exam and export a patient report including 2D and 3D images, relevant clinical data, and a comprehensive dataset of anatomical biomarkers. The intention is that this information can be used throughout the patient care pathway to assist orthopedic surgeons in properly diagnosing their patients, preoperatively selecting and positioning implants in 3D, providing visuals and measurements during surgery, conducting postoperative assessments, and evaluating patients over time.

The sterEOS has a patient database capable of storing up to 7,500 exams with automatic push to the hospital PACS, and allows radiologists and physicians to view and share the patient’s anatomy in 3D from an unlimited number of perspectives from any sterEOS workstation. Stereoradiographic images can be securely sent from sterEOS to online offerings that are being developed within EOS 3D Apps and Services, including external 3D reconstruction or surgical planning.

The company reports that sterEOS 1.8 is an important next step for the EOS platform as its connectivity will provide a seamless way for radiologists to transfer patient images to the company’s cloud-based services. For more information, read the news release from EOS imaging.