Practice Greenhealth recently debuted the virtual green operating room (OR), a newly created digital world that allows health care practitioners to learn about how to dramatically reduce the environmental impacts of ORs.

Inside the virtual green OR, participants can view and learn about a variety of technologies, equipment, and materials that reduce energy and water use and the impact on the environment and human health.

Designed to demonstrate the concrete ways that hospitals can significantly reduce OR impacts and costs, Greenhealth’s virtual world includes an auditorium for Webinars and group meetings, providing opportunities for interactive training, real-time collaboration and the sharing of best practices.

The virtual green OR is one part of the Greening the OR Initiative, introduced by Practice Greenhealth in 2010. The initiative includes data analysis, research evaluation, and the compiling of best practices to create information on a range of successful interventions for greener, more efficient operating rooms.

Click here to see a video overview of the virtual green OR.