Samsung Medison HM70A with PlusSamsung Medison, an affiliate medical equipment company of Samsung Electronics based in Seoul, Korea, has released the HM70A with Plus, a handheld portable ultrasound device upgraded from the original HM70A.

According to the company, the upgraded system has additional transducers and enhanced imaging to serve the need for efficient diagnosis in various medical environments including general imaging, ob/gyn, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and emergency facilities.

The upgraded device includes S-Vue transducers (curved array and volume), which provide higher sensitivity and easier visualization for difficult cases. The device also has a new hockey stick transducer for musculoskeletal imaging, allowing improved diagnosis of bones and tendon.

The HM70A with Plus also comes with a TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram) transducer, as well as cardiovascular features such as the Strain and Stress Echo. Strain is said to provides a graphic segmental analysis displaying left ventricular motion and dyssynchrony at the same time, and Stress Echo is said to offer customizable reports to help analyze cardiac changes under stressful circumstances. The HM70A with Plus includes MultiVision, an imaging enhancer, which provides higher spatial and contrast resolution. The upgrade of the versatile system also provides an extended battery life up to 4.5 hours when used with the optional cart.

The HM70A with Plus is scheduled for release in Korea, Europe, and the US by the end of 2015, and Russia, China, and Brazil in 2016.

For more information about the upgraded HM70A with Plus, visit the Samsung Medison website.