The 2016 Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography Annual Conference, which takes place in Orlando, Fla, from September 29 to October 2, will feature demonstrations of the Carestream Touch Prime and Touch Prime XE ultrasound systems. Currently available in the United States, these systems are under review for a Health Canada license.

Both ultrasound systems from Carestream provide Smart Flow, Smart Flow Assist, and Smart Select technology, which is intended to enhance workflow. Measuring blood flow in axial and transverse directions, Smart Flow enables more rapid interrogation of blood flow within a vessel, while reducing time-consuming, angle-dependent probe positioning.

High-volume imaging is possible with the Touch ultrasound platform, since it provides an all-touch user interface, easy maneuverability, adjustable features, and a compact profile. Its “swipe-and-go” system activation caters the interface to each user’s preferences, while its bar code saves time through reduced keystrokes. Furthermore, the Touch ultrasound’s wireless connectivity enables the transfer of images and data to PACS, radiology information systems, and other technologies.

“Both Touch Prime and Touch Prime XE systems provide exceptional image quality. They also streamline measurements to expedite clinician access to critical imaging information while boosting staff productivity,” says Helen Titus, worldwide marketing director for x-ray and ultrasound solutions at Carestream. “Advanced computing power and our SynTek architecture deliver a simultaneous increase in frame rate, improved penetration, and uniform focus throughout the field of view.”

For more information about these products, visit Carestream.