InSightec, which specializes in MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) therapy, has signed an agreement with Siemens Healthineers to develop compatibility between the company’s Exablate Neuro and Siemens 1.5T and 3T clinical MRI systems, Magnetom Aera and Skyra. Both parties will work toward providing access to Exablate Neuro for installed base, as well as new product installation customers.

Exablate Neuro is the world’s first and only CE- and FDA-approved device for the noninvasive application of MRgFUS to treat essential tremor and other conditions. Clinical research, development, and regulatory approvals are ongoing for additional neurosurgical applications and markets.

“Our agreement with Siemens Healthineers will allow us to significantly expand Exablate Neuro’s market presence,” says Maurice R. Ferré, MD, InSightec’s CEO and chairman of the board. Siemens has embraced our technology and together we will bring our therapy to significantly more patients and providers.”

Christoph Zindel, MD, senior vice president and general manager of Siemens Healthineers’ MR business, further highlights the importance of the agreement. “This strategic partnership of two leading organizations is exciting and further underlines Siemens Healthineers’ strategy of enabling better patient outcomes by broadening its diagnostic imaging portfolio into advanced therapies in the area of neurological and other disorders,” he says. “Together with InSightec and its innovative technology, we will jointly drive health care further together with our strong research and clinical customer network worldwide.”

Exablate Neuro uses focused ultrasound waves to target and ablate tissue accurately deep within the brain with no incisions, and while minimizing damage to adjacent healthy tissue. Siemens MR imaging plans to provide patient-specific treatment planning and continuous temperature monitoring for assessing treatment outcome in real-time during Exablate Neuro procedures.