The M9 portable ultrasound system from Mindray comes in the form and portability of a laptop, while providing advanced signal transmission and reception processors for sensitive echo detection. Intended for both general purpose ultrasound applications as well as for specialized cardiac needs, the M9 can wake up from standby within 7 seconds.

The M9 uses Mindray’s 3T transducer technology, which is designed to provide sharper images, better penetration, and color dynamic flow, especially during difficult-patient scanning, according to the company. Tissue tracking with quantitative analysis (TT QA) allows for noninvasive evaluation of left ventricular wall motion abnormalities. The TT QA on M9 can be performed at the bedside.

According to Mindray, the system can be used for transesophageal echocardioagraphy, and an interface for ECG and respiration monitoring can be used during cardiac echo imaging procedures. An optional cart is available for purchase; it can carry multiple transducers while extending the battery life of the system to 3 working hours.