The Coronis Uniti, released last month, aims to become the new standard for diagnostic displays used in both PACS and breast imaging, according to manufacturer Barco. Featuring calibrated color and grayscale, 2D and 3D, and static as well as dynamic images, the display is intended to improve reading performance.

Supporting both PACS and breast imaging, the Coronis Uniti display system also eliminates the need for multihead display setups or moving to another workstation, potentially increasing both workflow efficiency and cost-saving.

The 12-megapixel color screen offers Color Per Pixel Uniformity, which reduces screen noise, and Ambient Light Compensation to ensure image quality in any lighting environment.

The company’s SoftGlow wall light adds ambient light to the reading room to help reduce eye fatigue. Barco’s Optical Glass technology is also incorporated into the display, helping reduce reflections and enhance image sharpness for greater viewing comfort.